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Not sure which product(s) will be best? We understand how overwhelming product selection can be, especially when there are so many to choose from. Fill out the form below stating your health goals and/or needs, and we will send you a list of recommended product(s).

Whether you’ve heard of us before, read our blog or listen to our podcast, or are shopping around and found us in your search, we are here to help. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t believe product plans should cost you $300+ per month. That’s just insane, and many times the products on their packages are grossly overpriced.

We will help you determine the best product selection, no matter your needs. We have products that can help relieve symptoms of many illnesses and disorders, physical and mental. If you read our blog or listen to our podcast, you know Red suffers himself with a variety of physical and mental issues. This site was established by him to help others find relief.

For optimal results, it is best to use product(s) as intended as part of a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating non-GMO and organic foods and snacks, and exercise. The wellness plan should be maintained, as part of a healthy lifestyle, after achieving desired results to maintain desired results.

Our #1 Product Plan of choice is the Daily Super Pack, which may be ordered here.

For a free consultation, fill out the form below. Based on the information you provide, I may ask you additional questions before making a recommendation. This is to be sure only the best possible product(s) are being recommended to meet your needs/goals.

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