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I created my own personal podcast. The podcast is titled “The Red Conrad Show”. And can be listened to at the following:

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Podcast Description

The show is a combination of audio converted blog posts about me and my life as well as actual recorded content discussing my various issues (mental and physical) and different experiences of my life. It’ll also cover my views of world events and contain “bloopers” for my business podcast that aren’t able to make the cut to go to that podcast. A lot of the more “extreme” stories will be subscription only. The show will basically just be random topics, random discussions. Most will be stories of my life and how I saw different things. Some episodes will be how I view(ed) world events. I was generally doing this just for me, but then decided if my stories and issues are relatable to anyone, then they will see they’re not alone and maybe get a different way of handling things and coping with things.

Explicit language may be present in regular shows and will be in subscription only shows. By explicit language I mean curse words, mention of suicide, and other potential triggers. Listener discretion is advised, not suitable for minors.

The free episodes will be introductions to stories, and some complete stories. Some stories will finish in the subscriber only section. Each story will titled in parts (Title A Part 1, Title A Part 2, Title B Part 1, etc), so you’ll be able to follow stories started in the free episodes and find them easily in the subscriber episodes to hear the completion. 

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Mental Health: The Reality Of It All The Red Conrad Show

Just something I feel needs to be said. Trigger warning: Mental health issues and suicide is discussed Subscribe for subscription-only content, subscribe via Spotify: Subscribe on any other platform/app: — Send in a voice message:
  1. Mental Health: The Reality Of It All
  2. The Business Partner – Part 3: The Conclusion
  3. The Business Partner – Part 1: Everything Seemed Ok At First
  4. Missed Opportunities: Young And Stupid
  5. I Am That I Am: How I Am
  6. Some Background Part 2
  7. Some Background Part 1
  8. Starting Over
  9. I Am That I Am: A Thriver
  10. I Am That I Am: The Physical Side