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You can now listen to our Podcast on YouTube! All titles that have “[Podcast]” in the title are our podcast episodes, and are audio-only videos. All other videos are watchable video. However, there is currently a delay from podcast publishing to uploading on YouTube; therefore the podcast via YouTube will be on a different schedule than through your podcast listening apps.

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Two types of episodes:

  1. Full-length weekly episodes that will cover information on a single topic.
  2. Mini-Randoms – episodes that will discuss random topics at random times throughout the week. May last anywhere from a few minutes to full-length.

The podcast will now have “mini-randoms” in addition to regularly scheduled full-length episodes. A mini-random is an episode that will happen randomly throughout the week at different times of day. They will be more conversational, interactive, and fun than the regularly scheduled episodes. There may be one to several in a week; some weeks may not have any.

Mini-randoms could last anywhere from a few minutes to full-length, discuss one topic or bounce around to many. They will be tagged in the title with either [Mini-Random] or [M-R]; regular scheduled episodes won’t have any tags in the title.

If you’re on the newsletter, don’t worry. This change won’t blow up your inbox. Podcast emails will still only flow once per week and link to each new episode that published throughout the week.

If you’d like to be a guest on a Mini-Random to talk about anything or bring awareness to a topic, email me at Red@RedConrad.com with the topic(s) you’d like to discuss, at least two times and day(s) you’d be available to record, and your phone number; and where our availability matches, we will schedule the recording. After recording, once the episode is uploaded, you will receive a link to the episode.

Mini-Randoms will be beginning within the next few weeks.

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