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About Me

Hello. I’m Red Conrad. I’ve decided to put this website, and business, together for a number of reasons.

I’m a health enthusiast that has been researching health & wellness for over a decade primarily for my own health. I suffer from a few different depressive disorders and two anxiety disorders, as well as a few physical ailments such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sciatica. Due to my love of helping people, I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned so far as well as what I continue to learn, in the hopes I may be able to help some of you in the same way I’m helping myself see relief.

I’m not (yet) a certified coach or licensed nutritionist/deitician. This website is only for informational purposes and to take you on my journey (past, present, and future) with me. You may see testimonials from my customers and team members as well.

My love for helping people is what started my journey in ministerialhood. I’m the Sr. Pastor of Spiritual Messiah Ministries. But I’d like to help people with more than just their spiritual health. And that is how this website came into being. So I can offer up products I’m using and trust, take you on my journey, explain other areas of health, and give you great tasting recipes.

I’m a strong believer that proper nutrition and complete wellness could allow the body to heal itself, relieve symptoms of ailments, and prevent certain ailments. There are direct correlations between the decline of our diets and the rise of diseases and illnesses. It has become a passion of mine to fix this problem and help others become aware of the power of nutrition by providing only the most accurate possible information and offer the best quality products at the most affordable possible pricing.

Through the endeavor of helping people, and the local economy, Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives™ has also spawned two additional businesses that are hosted on this site as well, but may end up becoming completely separate brands and businesses in and of themselves. These businesses are Rideshare Red and Reds Delivery Services™

About The Brand/Company

Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives is a business I started to educate people on the importance of eating non-GMO and organic; the importance of knowing what’s in the food and who produces the food; and the importance of adding quality, non-GMO/Organic supplements to their diets.  Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives quickly morphed into a business of sorts with a higher purpose – helping you reach a better version of yourself by helping you go beyond health.

It is my goal to make healthy living affordable for everyone. Here, you will only the highest quality brands at the best possible pricing. I’m hunting down companies so you don’t have to – all you need to do is bookmark this site. I’m always adding newer brands and products to the selection. All brands offered through Red Conrads Wellness Alternatives are chosen based on strict criteria:

  • Must be non-GMO and Organic
  • Must be a U.S. based company
  • Must have affordable pricing

Plans are also in the making to create our own ‘Red Conrad’s Wellness‘ branded products on products we feel no company out there is accurately and affordably priced on. By doing so, we hope to become your “go-to” place for all your health products, recipes, and information.

Unlike traditional businesses, Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives is supplied by both traditional businesses and direct sales companies. I will only offer products that I use myself and trust, regardless of the structure of the company. Because my business is a business, any and all direct sales companies I work with will not only be trusted and used by me, but allows me to offer the products through my business.

Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives is more than just a business. It’s a movement. A movement that hopes to ensure that the current trend of non-GMO and organic continues and that big corporations aren’t able to take advantage of the wellness trend for their own selfish desires.

It is my hopes, that through Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives, we will be able to see an increase in healthy families and a decrease in control by big corporations and a decrease in disease. It is my hopes that one day society as a whole will understand the power of nutrition and that natural remedies and preventative measures will no longer be hidden, covered up, and scrutinized; that one day there will be less of a need for pharmaceuticals and traditional doctors as illnesses and disease decline due to society returning to a true nutritionally sound diet; that one day all this cheap processed and synthetic food will be the real crime and the focus will be a good non-GMO and organic food supply.

If you share my passion for health and wellness, and helping others achieve complete wellness, join my team and share this website. There are multiple ways you could join my team and the larger health & wellness movement sweeping this nation and world.

Through Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives, is also offered a local delivery service: Reds Delivery Services. I started out doing delivery contracting for other companies and quickly saw shortcomings. Delivery only to certain areas, limitations on where people can shop, etc. And decided to launch my own service to help give people more flexibility and savings in how and where they shop with a more professional quality service provided. For more information on the delivery service, click here.

Wellness Fund

Five percent (5%) of my earnings through this site go towards a wellness fund to supply needy families with non-GMO and organic foods and chemical-free household products. For some purchases, you will be re-directed to another site to create a customer account and place your order. All orders go towards the wellness fund. Together we could create a healthier people and exterminate many illnesses and ailments.

When ordering through this site, including our third-party redirects (to complete some purchases), 5% of my proceeds go towards a wellness fund I’m organizing to help needy families reach optimal health. With optimal health, they will need less doctors visits due to less time being sick (cold, flu, etc) and can focus on their families well-being and growing an income to pull them out of poverty.

This fund is strictly from my profits, it has nothing to do whatsoever with the products offered through this site nor the companies who produce the products. Only purchases made through this site or through any re-direct link on this site (my own or my teams links), will go towards this fund.

Due to the nature of the fund, and the varying products offered to each family based on each families needs, this fund will be helping one family at a time. Starting first with families my team know need help, and branching out from there. At this time, no applications to recieve this fund are available. As this site grows, and we can better supply multiple families alongside incoming requests, we will make an application process available.

All families who will recieve help will be verified that they truly need the assistance. Including those that my team knows personally.

If you’d like to donate without a purchase, click here. Note: This option allows donating with your PayPal account or Debit/Credit Card. You will see “PayPal*Rev.Dr.Red” on your Credit/Debit statement. You may also donate via:

  • Cash App by sending donations to $RedConrad.
  • Venmo: search Red@RedConrad.com or @RedConrad in the app
  • Zelle: Click ‘Send’ then in the search bar, type Red@RedConrad.com. Most banks sites and apps have Zelle built-in. If not, you can download the ZellePay app in the app store.
  • Varo: Go to “Varo to Varo transfer” under “Move Money” and in the search bar type Red@RedConrad.com
  • Chime: Go to “Pay Friends” then in “To:” type in Red@RedConrad.com

In addition to the Wellness Fund through Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives™, we also have a Grocery Fund through Reds Delivery Services™.